Presentation Examples

There are a variety of ways to film a video presentation or interview, below are a few examples.

Example 1:  Straight to camera, text appears beside presenter

The above style is powerful and effective, but it is not easy for the presenter, to come across so well Mr Postulski had to learn his script thoroughly.

Example 2: A presenter reading from an Auto-Cue

The concluding film from an on-line course aimed at nine year olds preparing for the 11 plus.

Example 3: Two presenters using an Auto-Cue

The above video shows two presenters delivering material together.  The presenters are reading from a script on an auto-cue.

Example 4:  Informal interview, two camera shoot

The example above is shot with two cameras, I asked the interviewee questions who answered without preparation, where necessary I coached the speaker to enable him to express himself effectively.  An assistant filmed simultaneously to enable a seamless edit of the interview omitting my questions.

Example 5: Off Camera presentation with accompanying text

Here the speaker is looking off camera as though speaking to an interviewer.  Judge Arbuthnot is in fact reading from a laptop which is displaying a French Translation of her speech.  Occasionally you can see an edit, in the above example a swift screen wipe.

Example 6: Powerpoint presentation

In this example the presentation was given to an intimate audience, it was filmed with two camera and has the powerpoint slides edited into the talk.

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