The Law Commission advise the government on all things legal.  This is their 50th anniversary film screened in the H of P autumn 2015.  I didn’t get to go.

Birmingham, Bucharest, Brussels, Barcelona.  I visited cities beginning with B for the European Judicial Training Network – oh and Strasbourg.  Birmingham doesn’t count as I live there.  Met lots of friendly, intelligent legal minds from across the continent, all with huge respect for Britain and our legal system… but we’re trying to Brexit!!  Poo to that.

I work with Judges,  spotty undergrads, autistic children and young offenders.  But most, I like working with actors, it’s where I came from.  These two were fab.

Over the past 18 years I have produced documentaries, training & promo films, and the odd music video.  

I work with a wide range of clients across the UK and Europe.

View a selection of my work on my Vimeo page.

I provide the following services to a high standard and at an affordable price.


SINGLE & MULTI-CAMERA FILMING with lighting and audio




LIVE CAPTURE AND PROJECTION including vision mixing


I primarily work alone, overseeing all aspects of production from initial discussion through to final delivery.  I employ a variety of trusted colleagues who assist me and specialise in specific areas where necessary.

I have led numerous workshops and masterclasses on creative processes – video production, film making, animation and photography, all tailored to a wide range of age groups and abilities.  Over the years I’ve collaborated with many artists and art forms to produce vibrant exciting work.

2 Responses to video

  1. Did you filmed by yourself the European Judicial Training movie? How did you film the scene from 1:06?

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