Three Steps to Grade Heaven

Google doc – Blog writing

As you know you need to submit 4 blog posts for 160MC  two by Friday 27th and two more by Friday 6th March.  These are the posts you will be assessed on although we aim to look at your blog as a whole to get a sense of your progression.

Follow these steps to improve your chances of a good mark.  They were written for a different module but remain relevant.


It is much easier for us to mark if you have every post in a category for the relevant module.  I’d also recommend adding the subheading ‘Research post for 260mc’ or ‘Analysis post for 260mc’ to every post you are submitting.


You need posts on the following topics:

Process/ Development – Evidencing progression and change.

Research –  Evidencing what research you have done, how this has impacted on your character/story.

Analysis – Show how you are able to construct an argument, dig deeper into a subject picking apart meaning.

Evaluation and Reflection – Evidence making conclusions and describing how you have reached those conclusions and their impact on your future work.

Other – Another relevant post, ideally that contrasts to the others.

Don’t submit the same post for more than one module.


A post needs to be around 200 words, which isn’t much so make every word count.  It will help you to write a post with a specific topic in mind.  ie decide “this is going to be my analytical post.”  and write it from that angle.  Similarly go back to your posts and edit them with that angle in mind.  You need to evidence your thoughts and opinions, a post that describes what Pete said in a lecture is not going to win you many points, we want to see that you are developing your own understanding. Danger though, don’t mistake quantity for quality. Above all your posts need to make sense.


We are looking to give you marks, we want to give you marks, make it easy for us to do so.  You are being assessed under the Assessment Criteria on Moodle. Read this through until you understand it.

Here’s the blogathon which has good example blogs, a more specific re-edit of the above and all manner of students questions answered.

And here’s a few simple pitfalls you could all do with avoiding:

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