Proudest Evs #160MC

The #160MC lot have been asked to share their proudest work to date, with the objective of understanding where they’re at and where they’re coming from.

Here’s a collection of clips shared via Twitter using #160MC.

Keep them coming, it’s highlighting where you need support to develop into the outstanding media producers you could all be.

Here’s the best, followed by the rest:

The above is my other favourite.

More below.  I’m thinking about colour-correction, script editing, cinematography, multi-cam shooting, structure.  Lots to work on.  Some videos have an accompanying blog post linked beneath.

massive volume whitewater!

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone – give me a shout.

Where’s the rest of them!!?

Send them in by twitter @jonathanleeabc or comment below.

There’s nothing from any girls yet.


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