Marketing Yourself as a Media Professional

A two day masterclass in carving out a living for yourself as a Media Darling.  Led by a couple of darlings with a combine quarter century of media funded living.

MARKETING! or…  How to make people pay for things they don’t need.

This will NOT be…

…two days learning about the 4 P’s of marketing or SWOT analysis.  This will not be two days of note taking from tedious lectures, there will be no ‘Marketing Theory’, your search engines will not be optimised.

It WILL be…

…two days of workshops, idea sharing, skills development, practical advice and informal mentoring.  Dom Breadmore and Jonathan Lee have each been working as freelance media producers since the early naughties.  They each have a wealth of experience covering a vast range of work.  Neither have any formal marketing training or qualifications, and yet they have both developed ways to establish long standing careers as media professionals.  This is an opportunity to share in this experience with them.

Approaches to self-promotion

Finding the work

Developing your niche

Writing bids that win

Working to audience

Costing and quoting

Maintaining a portfolio

Attracting new business

Building a non-virtual network

Why you don’t advertise

And a bunch of other stuff besides

Jonathan Lee is a film maker, photographer, artist, educator who…

Dom Breadmore is ace…

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