Good Ideas

 What’s this image?


Answers included – Nerve endings, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, mysterious, jelly fish, fight club, smoke, life, pancakes, big bang, fuses, active, electricity.  It is in fat a brain scan showing neurones – the defining characteristic of these cells is that they carry information.

Good ideas…

Where do they come from?


An Idea is a Network

A new idea is essentially a network of neurones firing in sync with each other inside your brain.  It’s a new configuration that has never formed before.

How do you get your brain into environments where these new networks are going to be more likely to form?

What’s this?

Amber caffe

First coffee shop in England opened in 1650

This  above isn’t it!

The social change from drinking alcohol all day – because the water wasn’t safe – to drinking tea and coffee, helped spurn the Enlightenment – a period of great cultural revolution, the Age of Reason.

6588_BeerStreet_GinLane_1000Beer Street and Gin Lane – William Hogath

At this point I remembered to hit record.  I find it rather painful to listen back to, in my head I’m far more articulate. But hey.  In reality perhaps I should read from notes more.



“The process of having original ideas, that have value.”

-Ken Robinson

Is it possible to be truly original?  I think it is, but it’s very rare, as Kirby Ferguson suggests, the creators of great work, inventions and theories are often standing on the shoulders of the giants who stood before them.

Everything is a remix – Kirby Ferguson

An idea is like a sapling – it needs time and gentle nurturing to grow into something substantial.


The Eureka moment is a myth.  Ideas fester and peculate over time, Archimedes must have been struggling with the challenge of measuring volume for a good while before getting clean.  He was a right stinker truth be told.




Jonathan Ive talks to Stephen Fry about the lack of cynicism in America.


Finding a place where and a time


– Matt Ridley 

Production roles

What this lecture was supposed to be upon, although I couldn’t face an hour of what is essentially conveyed the above link.

What is interesting to me is how you manage your group into a creative collective, enabling ideas to collide and transform into something greater than the sum of their parts.

Think about….


finding ways to work effectively together

to collide your thoughts harmoniously

don’t criticise but question positively, “Help me to understand?”

It’s all conveyed by the concept of NETWORK


A short film about something that it’s not about.

[vimeo  w=750&h=422]

What is this film about?

Answers included – Love, opportunity, enjoying, signs, community, positivity, collaboration, opportunity.

“If your work is really about what it’s about, then you’re in trouble.”

– William Goldman

Jonathan Ive talking about caring, he’s referring to the design and production of a product, but I feel it relates to any creation.

Who cares?

Do you care?

Do they care?

Do we care enough?


Without care

there can be no pride

And finally


4th October 1957

58 cm diameter polished metal sphere, with four external radio antennas to broadcast radio pulses.

How a fun idea over a breakfast coffee –

evolved into GPS



What’s this lecture about?

Three things please, comments below or @JonathanLeeabc #160MC

2 Responses to Good Ideas

  1. Annieremel says:

    -An idea needs time to grow and develop before it becomes a great one.
    – You shouldn’t write because you want to say something,but write because you have something to say.
    -If you don’t take care in your work, its quite evidence. We should always take pride in our work

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