Freelancing as a Media Professional

Jonathan Lee is a filmmaker, photographer, artist, educator.  Dom Breadmore is a digital media artist, creative learning technologist and maker up of job titles.

Neither of them have ever had a proper job – at least not in a way their parents can comprehend.  Yet they make a decent and fulfilling living doing stuff they are passionate about.

How have they flourished as freelancers for the past fifteen years?  The Masterclass ‘Freelancing as a Media Professional’ reveals the knowledge, secrets, tricks and mistakes that any media freelancer will find indispensable.

I just wanted to say thanks to you and Dom for today, was interesting to hear about your experiences,  all the best.      Richard –

These practical sessions have contributions from a diverse collection of Media Professionals who work in a variety of TV Film and Digital Media roles.  Alongside pragmatic advice every freelance should know.

Approaches to Self-Promotion – Finding the Work – Developing your 100 Niches – Negotiating Skills – Writing Bids that Win – 

Working to Audience – Costing and Quoting – Maintaining a portfolio – Attracting New Business – Profitable Time Management – 

Industry Case Studies – Building a Non-Virtual Network – Why you Never Advertise

Here’s a taste of the contributors – all freelancers:

Jo Harding – Broadcast Producer director on Factual, Documentary, Features Television

Jason Bills – Broadcast and Corporate Non-Linear Editor

Andy Richardson – Comedy Drama 1st AD – BBC

Presentations, workshops, idea sharing, skills development, practical advice and informal mentoring.

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the link and sharing some hidden things with us. there were plenty foods for thoughts.
thanks again will see you soon.
with best regards – Waruna past attendee

Useful Links

Negotiating skills

Producing a CV

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