Photography with Year Three

I’ve recently enjoyed several happy afternoons working with the three year 3 classes at Wheelers Lane Primary School.  A selection of the work is available via this linkIMG_1338

Using cameras on the school iPads, pupils were able to develop their photography skills and stretch their creativity.  The project was linked to the KS2 Geography curriculum and culminated in a field trip to Kings Heath High Street.


The first session was classroom based, the aim being to gain confidence with the cameras. The photographers were asked to find bright colours around the classroom to photograph, along with a number of other challenges:  photograph corners, why corners? – photograph ‘looking through’, photograph patterns.

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We also discussed the importance of seeing lines within a composition, alongside practical issues of how best to hold the iPads whilst photographing and selecting our favourite images.

The second session with each class involved taking images outside around the school site, we had lovely February sunshine for these sessions and were able to capture shadows, patterns, signs, diagonal lines and other things that interested us.

For the final session, each class had planned the route from school, to All Saints Church, pupils had developed their own photographic interests and were engaged in capturing lots of images.  We also photographed the points of the compass.

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Many thanks to all staff and students for a successful, enjoyable project.


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