#160mc Four-week project highlights

Well done (to all those who know they deserve it) for the time, effort and creativity you put into the films screened yesterday.  With only one or two exceptions the technical standard of the work was very high.  You’ve all been asking for more feedback, below are Sanna’s detailed remarks, do have a look.

I wanted to highlight what I felt were the most interesting film from each group – CMYK.  Productions that pushed the envelope, creatively, technically, narratively and experimentally.  The following films did all those things:

C – Nobody’s Fate – POV shot warning regarding work-based mishaps

nobodys fate

M – The Man who didn’t like Star Wars – B&W bench-based chat

Y – The Trip – A big night out turns messy

K – The Coin – Parallel fates play out

I also wanted to give special mention to:
The Last Game – Russian Roulette with great violence and accompanying sound
Demons Within – Revenge-chiller with snappy cinematography
Caffe Noir – Moody coffee-shop thriller

Don’t feel disheartened if your film isn’t mentioned above, the standard was high. Consider what would have improved your work and put this in your evaluations.  We work together to get better.

Lets get all the films uploaded onto Vimeo and added to the group 16oMC 4 Week Project

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