#160mc A good Friday – What you need to do for next Friday’s presentation

A good day on ‘Developing Meaning in Media Production‘ today.  Students have a busy and important week ahead:

Your 1 min film My Poetic Eyes needs to be uploaded on your blog ready for assessed screening at 9:30am on Friday 30th January in ETG34.

Remind yourself of the details HERE or view more posts supporting the assignment including the brief  160MC_Assignment_Brief_3_201415 on the MediaRage Blog.

You need to upload your film to Vimeo or Youtube and then embed the video into your WordPress blog.  Google for guidance if necessary.

Develop your People to People projects160MC_Assignment_Brief_4_201415.

It was clear from today how ahead certain students are and how far behind some others have fallen.  Below are some examples of excellent blogs:

13. Michael Moser

20. Chantelle Whitehead

34. Lillie Cram

37. Grant Snaith

42. Ella Lina

You should all have clear evidence of research including your 300 word treatment and 30 second clip.

Other things we’ve learnt today:

You should have a clear idea what your P2P film is about, what the heart of it is and able to sum it up in one word.  “Prejudice” “Conformity” “Self-esteem” were some words I considered today.

P2P can only use 10% archive footage, that’s 18 seconds of screen time and don’t think of ‘cut-aways’ either, think more elegantly, devise visual montages inspired by metaphor and mood.

Watch some Herzog.

See you for screenings and assessment on Friday.

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