Deconstructed Blog Post #160MC

I’ve added a fourth paragraph concluding the post, I’ve also attempted to deconstruct the process I went through when planning what to write.

I’ve chosen to write a post about a quirky short film ‘Sign Language’ by Oscar Sharp.  A fictional tale shot in a day-in-the-life documentary style, narrated entirely by the central character, exploring a variety of themes such as love, confidence and aspiration.

It’s a technically well produced piece, the hand held camera and informal framing is in-keeping with the factual ‘mockumentory’ (a style promoted by comedy shows such as The Office) approach Sharp has chosen to reveal the intimate  thoughts and feelings of the protagonist.  Numerous close-up shots where Ben directly addresses the camera, encourages a connection with the character who tells us from the get go “My work-place is wonderful – and I wanna share it.”  We join on his last day as a “Static outdoor information technician.  A Board Guy”.

What most impresses me about the piece is the understated performance by Jethro Skinner as Ben, his wide-eyed enthusiasm and articulate optimism nurtures our empathy.  The performer reveals a less confident, naive character struggling with what’s right and proper.  The director has captured a wealth of conflicted sub-text through Skinner’s subtle expressions and asides.

‘Sign Language’ is an entertaining short film which successfully draws the viewer into the world of the main character, I found myself routing for him after spending only a few minutes in his company.  It concludes with a pleasing twist, the reveal of which is a lovely cinematic moment, not content with this, there is a second uplifting ending played out over the end credits.  Although rather cheesy I was left charmed in the knowledge that Ben has a happy future ahead of him.

And this is me trying to explain my motivation for writing what I have.

If I were submitting this post for assessment I would most likely categorise it as an Analysis post in the hope it would demonstrate I Understand the processes by which meaning is created across a range of different media and also demonstrate that I have an understanding of, and engagement in, both primary
and secondary research processes.  What I don’t do in the above post is show I have the ability to transform this research into practice, because I don’t relate it to any of my own work.  To do this I would need to evidence how ‘Sign Language’ had influenced a specific style or approach I had attempted myself.

Below is what my son’s thought of the film.

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