It’s Your Degree – own it. #160MC

This is for Coventry MP students:

You’re 4 weeks into your degree, I hope you’ve found your feet and are beginning to understand what life as a Media Production Student in Coventry is about.

During the professional development session last Friday (17.10.2014) we looked at Negotiation skills and how they are essential for the creative practitioner.  The handout is available via Dropbox.  If you don’t have a Dropbox account then get one here – it’s a very handy way of storing and sharing files.  Here is the handout. Start using dropbox.

The Professional Development Sessions 3:30-4:30 each Friday will work best if they are tailored to your needs.

I need you to tell me what you want to develop.  We had lots of suggestions last week and now I want you to vote so we can do what is most popular.  Here is a Doodle poll where you can see a list of options and register your wishes.  It’s democracy in action, the results of this poll will decide what we do on a Friday afternoon.  Choose more than one option, but limit yourselves to between 3 & 5 choices, if everyone votes for everything we won’t have the necessary info to make a decision. If you want to do something not listed then tweet me and I’ll add it to the poll  Start using Doodle.

And finally. As a way of understanding where you are coming from and sharing your experiences – I’ve asked you to share the work you are most proud of.  I’ve seen a handful of examples which you can catch up with here, but the majority have yet to publicise their work.  Share the best thing you’ve done on twitter using #160MC send it to me @JonathanLeeabc if you want, it could be a video, a photo, a blog post, a tweet of the week, a podcast, a piece of music, whatever.  Share what you’ve done, I’m not expecting masterpieces, and I’m advocating we don’t critique or analyse these pieces, the objective is to get an idea of who you are, in order to better understand where you need to develop.  This is your degree, you need to own it.

Start using Twitter.  I’m hoping you’ve finally got it, this is fundamental, if you’re still resisting give up now and start using Twitter TODAY. Right now.

About Jonathan Lee

Video Photography Lens based artist
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