Meetings with the lecturer….Conclusion!

Kind words from Adnaan.

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All good directors have a mentor, someone who can guide them assist them, support, advise and give positive criticism.  Through out the term I met with my mentor my tutor.  We had meetings on a regular basis.

At first I thought, well he is just going to say yes or no to everything that I said . I found it to be quite the opposite.  My first meeting was great, being able to discuss, my idea with the tutor, I felt it helped massively. My tutor helped me decipher my idea. Break it down, work through it and come up with a film that actually meant something to me.  Making me very passionate about my creation.

Through out the three years of my studies we never had many projects that required us to work alone, we always worked with others as a team so it was easier to bounce ideas off…

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