Bargin hair lights

Bargin hair lights

I’ve recently bought a couple of these flexible LED lights with a mind to using them as hair and detail lights. They’re JANSJÖ
LED clamp spotlights and cost £10 each. I like that they are small and really light so can be positioned around set and angled precisely. Plus they’re bright enough to do the job in a mid shot. I’ve also found that attaching an old negative slide magnifier zooms the light source quite well.
See them in use in the below video.

This was a set up for filming a powerpoint presentation, I had my Sony Z5 with a tight head and shoulders mid-shot and a second camera filming a wide shot which included the screen, the powerpoint slides are then cut into the final  edit.  The lighting is important – as always – the projector obviously kicks out a fair bit of light, which can spill onto the speaker depending on where you position them.  As I point out in the video I use a couple of  ‘proper’ video lights and two of these LED spotlights.  Seemed to do the job.

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