On a shoot with Geese Theatre

On a shoot with Geese Theatre

Geese are a theatre company who specialise in working with prisoners.  I’ve worked with them numerous times, producing training material for the Judicial College.

Today we’re making a training film for Leeds social services.  A rough draft of a supervision meeting was sketched out and the performers improvised a meeting a few times under the guiding eye of two senior social workers.  Each take was filmed with two cameras, I’ll pull together a multi-cam edit from the best take.  The first scene showed bad practice, the second highlighting best practice.  These scenes will be then shown during a training session to prompt debate between workers and line managers.

We mocked up an office set in a spare room using an unused desk, bookcase and coat stand.  The scene is lit with a 800w red-head diffused with an umbrella and a  650w bambino with a diffusion gel.  I used the cooler natural light from the window to back light Andy which worked well and a gold reflector to bounce a highlight onto Louise’s hair.  The boom mic in shot is picking up the room tone and working as a back up feed to the second camera (locked off on Louise) I’ve hidden one mic behind the monitor and another just under the table.

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