The four categories of students – DriversDronesDreamersDropouts – who are you?


I got it wrong last week, the categories of students on the whiteboard in ETB06, it’s not Dropouts but Drones, although I see this morning Dropouts has made its way onto the list. Fitting, as that was the predominant category in this mornings lecture.

So who are the drones? You’ll know the drivers, they’re starter finishers, they come up with an idea, motivate themselves and others and see things through to the conclusion. I’ve never been a driver, I’m a good co-pilot, give me a shove and I can conjure enthusiasm, motivate myself and others, see things through to the end. I’m a great finisher, but starting isn’t my strongest attribute.

I guess I’m a natural collaborator, and I’m happy with that, it’s done me well to now. So I’m not a driver. A driver is on tract for a first, a good 2:1 at least.But I’m not a drone. I don’t wish to conform, I was a prefect for 9.5 weeks before the badge was ripped from my blazer lapel and a letter sent home to my parents. The drones want to be told what to do, what to learn, where to go. They want it handed to them on a plate, they think an education can be injected into them – will this make them immune for the next ten years till the time comes when they need re-vaccinating. Drones may walk away with a 2:1 but more likely a 2:2, you have to take full responsibility for your own education, I’m labelled a lecturer, but I hope I don’t ever lecture people.

I don’t want to teach either, I want to encourage self discovery and if I can support that journey I’ll be happy.  Dreamers have the ideas but do nothing about realising them, unless I taught myself to collaborate with others, I could have sat squarely in this box. Fortunately I learnt what was missing and filled in the necessary gaps with support of friends with complimentary skills and motives.

I do love ideas, I believe you can solve anything with a bit of creative thinking and I’ll hold onto that belief with my dying fist.I’m no dropout, as I say, whilst my starting ain’t great, my finishing more than makes up for it.

Who am I?  Perhaps it’s the anti-drone in me, I don’t want to be categorised into one of the above, part dreamer, part driver – I’ll take ‘co-pilot’ thank you very much. But once we’re started I’m more than ready to take the wheel, and if we hit more pot holes than I like, just you try and stop me taking the wheel.

The question is, who are you?

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