#creativact – The stirrings of a reflective media lecturer

Flashmob Monday, was good fun. The sun was shining for us and there was an air of excitement and creativity in the basement rooms of Ellen Terrry. The fake celebrities we devised were a dubstep duo by the name of Audio Cheque, we furnished them a stylist/promoter a manager a trio of security guards, the knitwear heavies, a film crew hosted enthusiastically by Brick Andrews (Dragon), and an array of paps and mock fans all with their cameras and mobiles capturing away. The backstory was imagined, the questions written, the walkie talkie channels agreed and forgotten, the organising haphazard.

Off into town for a fake celebrity media mob. Lots could have gone better, many improvements could have been made, but today I witnessed 30 Cov media pro students working collectively to achieve a common goal in the name of education. And in the process have some fun.

My sense is that fun was had, be it the collective working, the slightly edgy assignment, the sense of competition with the 30 students on the other side of the corridor, the post icelandic exhaustion, the walkie talkies. I think something was working today, grounded in theory and academia, Guy Debord and psycho-geography – which will no doubt come in handy rebutting a parents enquiries around the sunday dinner table.

“You heard what our Kurt’s been up to on this so called degree that’s costing me an arm and a leg? Tweeting bloody dubstep, that’s what!”
“Actually father it was a contemporary investigation into creating a spectacle, as debated in Guy Debord’s book ‘The Society of the Spectacle’, you should read it.”
“Guy Debord? The Marxist theorist and filmmaker?”
“That’s the chap dad.”
“Fair play son, got enough mash on yer hotpot?”
Grounded in theory, brought to life with the collaborative actions of 30 undergraduates.

I say 30, and on the whole, half the year pulled together today each playing their part. Be it booking equipment, writing questions, taking photos. But I still notice the few, the students who inhabit the peripheries, their bodies are there – at least they were today, everyone seemed there today – but their minds are not really there. You can make a suggestion or share an idea with a person and you know instantly how it’s received. I’m adept at reading body language, catching a glint in an eye, I know when words fall on stoney ground as clearly as I see when it stirs something within.
I like stirring, in fact it’s possibly my calling in life.
Lecturers think of students in three categories. Drivers, Dreamers & Drop-outs.
We all chose our path and deal with the distractions with varying degrees of success.
I think I stirred ok today.

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