#creativact Empathy Documentary – Don’t have an idea? Take one of mine.

If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for this weeks Creative Activism Challenge perhaps I can assist.


Sell the big issue.   

Make a homeless persons day –  buy 20 copies from them, see how long it takes you to sell them on.


Accept all influences.

Danny Wallace said yes to everything.

The Dice Man deferred all decisions to the throw of a dice.

Could you do something inspired by this?  For example, follow every web link you see.

Photograph every advert you spot for 24 hours.


Turn your boiler off for 72 hours, how is living with no heating or hot water on tap.


Life after the apocalypse.  

I have a sensible friend who has a store of canned & dried food and bottles of water in her loft.  So that in the event of a natural disaster resulting in no fresh water or electricity for freezers or refrigeration of fresh produce she could feed herself for a week.  It’s estimated the supermarkets would be emptied within 3 days, probably quicker with the inevitable panic buying that would ensue.  Try living for 3-4 days with a stockpile of provisions purchased before the apocalypse, nothing fresh or frozen.  Including water, work out how much liquid you need to consume and stockpile it. In bottles.  No cheating, the shops and vending machines would be all out of mars bars.  You could pretend you have use of a gas stove so could make flat bread.


Spend 48hrs in fancy dress.

These photpgraphers did – Elvis and Presley




Culture Free Friday

 When the government were debating cuts to arts funding, one protesting idea considered was a daily blackout of culture.  No music, no fashion, no design, no sculptures, no visual arts, etc.  you’d have to formulate a strict code of conduct for the day.  What if you walk past a shop playing the radio? Fingers in your ear and hum.  Or do you create the culture blackout hat, and put it on whenever you are exposed to any culture?   


Whatever you choose, consider and plan how to portray your journey in the documentay form.  Keep it tight – 3mins max remember.


About Jonathan Lee

Video Photography Lens based artist
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