Something that Offends me. Teenage Playboy #ofadcal 23, some thoughts on porn, playboy & pillowcases

I’ve just been watching this RSA debate on Advertising in society, one issue raised was the marketing of playboy pillowcases to teenage girls.   It’s at 10:30 if you want to jump to it.
The bunny brand and it’s playful logo has been breading like… oh what’s the phrase?  Dunno, an over sexed mammal though.
A quick google reveals…
Bedtime just got got stylish with this duvet cover and pillow case set
Kelly. T from Portsmouth on 11/02/2011
This is a really sweet duvet cover. My 13 year old daughter wanted some Playboy items and I wasn’t really happy getting them as I don’t think the brand is suitable for young girls. But this duvet was really nice and tasteful so I didn’t mind getting it. So now we’re both happy. Thank you PriceRightHome!

Thanks for that Kelly from Portsmouth.  Stylish?  Tasteful? real tasteful…


The Playboy strap-line is “Entertainment for Men”  But the Bunny is for girls and young women.

Another phrase from the above lecture was ‘Put value in your things not in yourself.’

So what’s my beef with Playboy? I don’t have any particular issue with porn, but I don’t like children aspiring to be strippers.

So, there you have it after 23 days, something I find offensive.

Some further reading.

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